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At the heart of the Conca D'Oro region, ideally located between the Agriates desert and its beautiful white sandy beaches (such is Saleccia and Lodo) to the West, the famous vineyards of Patrimonio and the magnificent cliffs of “Cap Corse” in the North, you can undertake various activities depending on your mood ... by car, by bike, by horse or by foot ...


• Stroll into the old town, explore the Citadel, a stunning monument from the Genoese era, or drop by the "Santa Maria Assunta" the Cathedralof the Nebbio region..
• On the port itself, visit the lively docks, the fishermen, the sailors and take the sea shuttle that will bring you to the golden Saleccia and Lodo beaches.
• South of the town the Roya beach is ideal for children. This is also the starting point of the coastal footpath which runs along the Agriate coast for 40 km and is protected by the "Conservatoire du Littoral"
• Enjoy the on-site sailing schools, scuba diving, parasailing, surf casting

Leaving Saint-Florent :

• Wine lovers can drive along the Wine Route (AOC) and visit the village of Patrimonio (the island’s main wine producing village) with its pretty church and its menhir
• The “Cap Corse” offers spectacular views at every turn with its Genoese towers, its villages clinging to the cliffs, the black beach of Nonza , it’s dense vegetation...
• Explore Nebbio and its villages: Oletta nestled on a hillside with stunning views over the plain of the Conca d'Oro; Murato with the Church of St. Michael sinks into the chestnut grove along with the villages of Santo Pietro, Piève , Rutali ...
• Besides all this you can easily tour around the “island of beauty”: you are 35 minutes from Bastia, 1:15 hours from Calvi and Corte.
• Les amateurs de vin pourront parcourir la Route des vins (AOC) et visiter le village de Patrimonio avec sa magnifique église et son menhir


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